Make your Old Sofa to Updated One

Kind of bored with your sofa’s look, here some tips before you plan recover your sofa. Make some old style sofa to updated look one;

  1. Make sure your sofa/chair still in good condition
  2. Measure and take a picture of your sofa/chair (it’s needed for next step)
  3. Find and browsing fabric upholstery’s store that provide a good quality fabric.  I can tell you some of them :
    1. Vania Fabric Showroom – Jl. Panglima Polim Raya No. 108B Kebayoran Baru Jakarta Selatan (0217253093)
    2. Home Décor – Jl. RS Fatmawati Raya No. 5C – 5D (0217393391)
    3. Serba Antik – JL. RS Fatmawati Raya No.15 Komplek Golden Plaza D-best Blok A 4-5 (0217507511)
    4. Amardeep – Jalan Fatmawati 75  12140 (0217207601)
    5. Ateja
  4. You can directly go to the store that I mention above, sometimes they provide a recover service for your sofa moreover they have service that can make new sofa/chair. If they have these services, usually they can help you to suggest which fabric that suitable for you and can calculate the quantity for your sofa’s needs. Fyi, Velvet, suede, cotton/linen, and jacquards are fabrics’ type that use in sofa/chair.
  5. You can show your sofa’s picture and measurement’s sofa to the store that you go to. I can give you some clues for how many meters for the fabrics. Three-seater approximately can use from 12-16 meters, for Two-seater/Loveseats can use from 8-10 meters, and for One-seater/Armchair can use 4-6 meters
  6. For make your sofa nicer and looks cute, you can add some cushions with different pattern and color. These will make your room in your house different than before.

(here several work of mine for sofa/chair for your references)



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