Upholstery Fabrics faced year 2013

I wanna tell you about my experience while I’m attending exhibition of textile for upholstery in Shanghai last august. This 1st time for me attend exhibition in international scale and I’m so excited about what I get after the exhibition.

From this exhibition I learnt a lot about upholstery, curtain, sheer and display unit. It’s quite different from my country’s exhibition (Indonesia. red)

So here they are my conclusion about Intertextile Shanghai 2013, especially in Home Interior Trend 2013 (it’s next year d’oh 😀 );

  1. All exhibitors Asia represent printed and embroideries fabrics in upholstery, curtain, vitrage (more like in Europe and America).
  2. For the materials they chosen linen and cotton looks for their collections.
  3. For the colors not change from the previous trend, they still use same mood but the colors reflects more about natural ambiance.
  4. For interior looks they combine east and west style (modern and traditional looks)


These are theme of the exhibition (2013 Trend);

Primal Future, Decorum Play, Expressive Nature,  Sensual Well Being

 (and here some display and products)

hope i will attend another exhibition in different country next year, and it will be great 😀


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