Review Trend 2013 for Home Design And Color

Reviewing from my previous blog, I want to share my thoughts and my search about home design and color 2013. Actually it’s the same palette from my attend to shanghaitex exhibition about home trend, but I want to share if this applied in interior look (for your reference)

It’s divide into 4 parts;

1. Get Back Home

2. Beauty Chic

3. Bohemian Couture

4. Nature Republic


This color palette of “get back home” are consists of monochrome color, taupe, beige, white. This recreate of feeling homey at same time, and cozy and light. For the materials are including Linen look, chiffon, and polyester.


Beauty chic gives us comfortable and mellow feeling also represent romantic ambiance. Pastels bring a lot in this palette.


Reflects from classic era and Haute Couture, it brings edgyness dark and damask pattern. Mix and match from bohemian and give an artistic unconventional look.


When nature meets pop, it appears from “nature republic”. Unite from nature creation and pop art culture. Natural yet stylish :D.

Hope my writing give you conception about style that you want to bring to your home 😀 Enjoy!!!

source from : Intertextile Shanghai Catalogue 2013

source from : 1000 ideas for home design and decoration (Mariana Eguaras Etchetto)

source from : 100+ Tips Ideas Colour (Fernando de Haro & Omar Fuentes)

source from : curtains and blinds (Lucinda Ganderton & Ali Watkinson)

source from :


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